Attacking is the hardest thing to do in soccer, that is why attacking and creative players are so highly sought after. At ProXtreme, we believe in teaching on how to play what so many people call ”the beautiful game”. The “beautiful game” is often perceived as being inefficient, or poetic. So many things that push the “beautiful game” to a “romantic” status. 

However, we cannot systematically oppose efficiency and beauty. On one hand, beauty can be seen as a certain form of efficiency. On the other hand, the surest way to win a game in soccer is to play well. We believe that it is the way of playing that will bring you to victory at the end.

The relationship between result and quality of play is rarely mentioned. It is however necessary to go beyond the score because soccer does not limit itself to this sole criteria; the quality of play is as important and is often much more instructive. Johan Cruyff said, “it is not only about  winning. We always try to win, of course, but more importantly it is about the way that you win.”


"You play soccer with your brain, your feet are just the tools" Andrea Pirlo

"My brain works like a processor: it stores data, information. Turning my head helps me do it. And that's not only important, it's fundamental to master space-time. I think: My team-mate is man-marked, so I turn my head to look for another solution. Behind me, an opponent says to himself: I’m going to take the ball from him, he's turning his back, he does not see me.' Except that I saw him. Just as I saw that the player who is marking my team-mate is moving forward at the same time as his partner. Before they reach me, I passed the ball to the same team-mate who got free. I found spaces, solutions in a few seconds.”  Xavi Hernandez